The history

The Diffused Hotel with Restaurant is located in the Medieval village of Albe in the archaeological area of Alba Fucens. The village was once a fiefdom of the Orsini family (14th century) who built the castle in a dominant position over Lake Fucino. The manor remained intact until the 1915 Marsica earthquake, after which it was severely damaged and abandoned along with the town. Today, Albe has been restored and has come back to life with various activities and a path to the ruins of the castle and medieval village.

 The Hotel features 12 rooms created through the restoration of some homes. The restaurant, located within the village, includes two daily use rooms and three rooms dedicated to events and ceremonies.

The cuisine focuses on local products. Guests have the opportunity to book guided tours of the archaeological sites, medium and high mountain excursions, horse riding or cycling, and ski passes for the Ovindoli Monte Magnola ski facilities.

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