The Roman colony of Alba Fucens was founded in 304 BC and is located in the region of the Equi. The city was rediscovered in 1949 thanks to a thirty-year excavation campaign conducted by Belgian scholars.

Alba Fucens played an important role in Roman history, being involved in several conflicts between Rome and its adversaries. The city is surrounded by powerful walls and was once used as a place of confinement for Rome's prisoners.

Today, Alba Fucens is famous for its wonderful amphitheater nestled among the mountains, but the entire area offers many other tourist attractions. The excavations have brought to light part of the city, which presents itself as a central area bounded by major roads and surrounded by walls in polygonal masonry. Here you can find the forum, the basilica, the macellum, several houses belonging to the local patriciate and several religious buildings such as the Temple of Apollo, the Temple of Isis and the Sanctuary of Hercules.

In addition, the location of Alba Fucens offers a breathtaking panorama of the Fucino Plain and Mount Velino. The tour route also includes the top of the San Pietro hill, where you can admire the remains of the temple of Apollo turned into a Christian church later.

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